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Today, security measures in Museums fulfill the necessary conditions for the proper conservation of works of art, but in history there have been many events that have led to the loss of authentic jewelry you will never see. I mean events like wars, Fire, plane crashes, or insanity of their owners. Who knows if when we see a work of art in a museum, will be the last time we can do.

This post and maybe some other future will bring to mind some of those works that may never be able to contemplate that have been destroyed or simply because they do not know what place are. Son innumerables, but I felt were remarkable for now the following:

"Retrato Dr. Gachet "the Van Gogh



In 1990, a industrial Japanese, llamado Ryoei Saito, acquired "Portrait of Dr. Gachet ", Van Gogh por 82,5 million. Since then, has lost track to Vincent Van Gogh portrait made of his doctor and friend, Paul Ferdinand Gachet. Since that acquisition in New York, the work was never seen in public. When Van Gogh painted his Doctor, Paul Ferdinand Gachet, in Auvers-sur-Oise, about Paris, weeks before his suicide 29 th of July 1890, I could not guess that the story of that painting would become a mystery. Saito, died in 1996 and they say in his will he wrote: “Put the picture in my coffin when I die”. True or not, has never seen this work of Van Gogh.

"The Grand Tapestry” Miró



Thursday, 13 The octure of 1977 was presented to the Barcelona public the largest tapestry of history. Eleven meters high by six wide, with an approximate weight of 3.000 kilograms. Two months after being exposed in the Grand Palais in Paris, three tons of wool, Hemp rope Great Tapestry traveled to the Twin Towers settling in the Tower Lobby 2 del World Trade Center, in New York.

Josep Royo, upholsterer who made it said: “My work there made me feel at home”.

Josep was dedicated to the work and knitting loss after the famous attack said: “I'm not gonna play, it would not be like the first time”, “When someone falls in love for the first time everything is prettier, new sensations are experienced and is a sweet memory. That's what happened to me with the 'Grand Tapestry’ and if I did it again it would not be the same ".

In the attack on the twin towers were lost over 300 drawings and sculptures by Rodin as well as works of Lichenstein.

"The Concert” Johannes Vermeer



The 18 March 1990, while in Boston is celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a grand parade, two men entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and took 11 works, including ” The Concert” Johannes Vermeer valued at more than 200 million. None of the missing Gardner Museum works have appeared since they were stolen and that the greatest utility of a stolen painting is to use as collateral to negotiate reduced penalties. Thieves negotiate lower penalties for trafficking in weapons and drugs in exchange for returning a Monet for example.

"Man in the Crossroads” de Diego Rivera



In 1932, Mexican painter Diego Rivera was commissioned to paint a fresco in receipt of one of the skyscrapers in the Rockefeller Center in New York. The mural was called Man in the crossroads” and included a fundamental character of communism as was Lenin, but apparently the image did not fit with the vision of the Rockefeller family and the work of Diego was canceled completely. Then there is a reproduction in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico.

"The Painter” Pablo Picasso



A Swissair flight crashed on 2 September 1998 en Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It carried a picture of Pablo Picasso, The Painter (The Artist) well as jewelry and banknotes. The plane left New York en route to Geneva and failed to achieve for just 10 minutes off the coast of Peggy's Cove (Canada). They killed the 229 people on board and only a small piece of cloth of the work was found.

"The Painter on His Way to Work” of Of Gogh



Vincent Van Gogh created about two thousand works of art in your life. “The Painter on His Way to Work” was in the Kaiser-Friedrich Museum in Berlin before being destroyed by fire during World War II. This is one of the many self-portraits by Van Gogh, representing the artist painting supplies loaded on a path of Montmajour in 1888.



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