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In Greek mythology a beautiful goddess who was lost in a forest until you reach a place where abundant mentioned the mud called Lotus, where it sank. This space had been created by the gods for beings whose fate was to fail in life, but she fought for thousands of years until he got out of there turned into a beautiful flower symbolizing the triumph of perseverance in adversity.

Cristina Otero, It started with photography at the age of 13 years. The curious thing about his work is that autorretrataba unable to rely on a model, yet, in his words, would become a way of knowing herself and therapy for her.


In this photo, Cristina contributed their bit against breast cancer. Symbolized in the Lotus, as the beautiful goddess who fought for thousands of years against the mud until he got out turned into a beautiful flower. The picture is full of symbolism, the same model, own Cristina, is portrayed twice as sick woman who help themselves, as the Greek goddess. The wink of the eye, as a symbol of breast removal. And so, as the Lotus emerge with abundant mud maintaining the purity of its essence, we can overcome the circumstances and quality of life that have touched us, seems to convey Cristina.

Tutti Frutti, is one of the most popular shows of this author.


Makeup and expression, play a fundamental role in the photos. If fruit were a person, What expression would? And so, it, own model photographer, is integrated in the series.

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Through internet began to disclose his work. It created an account at all possible social networks, and a professional profile on Facebook. It was precisely through this network when someone saw the photos and suggested turning solo exhibit with 15 years in Spain youngest photographer to have a solo exhibition. The year 2011.

His sessions start from an idea, is makeup, studies light and color, and begin his self-portraits in which no specific materials used, only everyday items like salt, cinnamon, dyes or milk, and makeup, heavy makeup. Take pictures and edits to get the result you want.


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Play often with symbols and attempts to capture the key moment and climax of a story. In the next picture the curved braid along with the cherry blossom or flower of sakura in Japanese play a key role. Sakura flower is delicate and not remain on the tree longer than a day or two, allowing us to enjoy its beauty without seeing never wither. It is called samurai flower for its parallels with the code of these warriors who carry in their emblem cherry blossom.

There is a disease with no cure today, it Spondylitis Ankylosing, that affects the spinal joints which tend to be welded together causing limitation of motion and causing a loss of flexibility becoming rigid spine with episodes of acute pain.

The braid Photograph Cristina represents the column and the cherry blossom or flower Samurai, the courage and fortitude of those people who go ahead without never see them wither.




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