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Malonzo Francisco is a painter based in New York who began his professional career in 2000. Since I was a child scribbling in their notebooks all kinds of figures. He decided his future career to see the movie “Pollock”, cuyo protagonista Ed Harris, played the role of the great painter Paul Jackson Pollock.

He studied drawing and painting at the Art Students League de New York City, and later in the Academy of Art, and Naciontal Academy of Desing, in continuing his artistic training by attending the painter Dan Gheno.

His oil paintings are close to expressionism and figurative paintings explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction.

"My work ranges from realistic portraits to classic pure abstraction, combining elements from both traditions "

Head of a man 1

Head of a man 1 (Francisco Malonzo)

He works mainly with natural patterns, Francisco is therefore important to have the subject in the same physical space, and interpret your personality accurately sobe canvas, thus maintaining an intuitive and experimental process. Alternate between painting his works in black and white and vivid color expressionism.

“Some of my favorite contemporary figurative expressionist, Ann include Gale, Paul Wright y Alex Kanevsky”



Head study

Head study (Francisco Malonzo)

Although he has explored the landscape and still life, always abides in the figure and human faces, it considers the portrait as "an essential tradition that allows us to empathize and understand the rest of mankind "

Francisco has a great sensitivity and manages to convey concepts to their canvases as intangible as the spirit, Joy, sadness, and traces of life in the faces of his models.


Amna (Francisco Malonzo)

“Francisco jobs, feed of classical realism, abstract expressionism and digital media. Examine precisely the selectivity of memory and consciousness between the artist and his model” In Art We Trust


Head study in gouache (Francisco Malonzo)

Influenced by artists such as Rembrandt, Velázquez, Clubs, Picasso, de Kooning y Warhol, Francisco to predict a promising future muy.


Lucian (Francisco Malonzo)

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