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“Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the sea, But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997)

Nothing To Hold On To

GMB Akash (Narayangonj, Bangladesh,1977) It is considered one of the most influential photographers of Asia. Committed to the weakest, His work extends from child abuse to the situation of women in your country. “I insisted on delving into the backbone of the world to transform suffering photographs. Photography is my language to access, communicate, and make the injustice and suffering are heard”

Nothing To Hold On To 2

Killer Tiger

Angels in hell

His passion for photography began in 1996. He attended the seminar World Press Photo in Dhaka in 3 years and graduated with a degree in Photojournalism at school Pathshala. He has won more than 70 and international awards 2002 He became the first Bangladeshi to be selected for the World Press Photo.

Akash is involved with his work in the lives of people in your photos and try to give them a chance, hope to share with them some success.

Nothing To Hold On To 3

“These images are stories of my experiences. Sometimes I run, sometimes I travel on the roof of a train, I sleep in the waterlogged soil, nado, spent long periods in the slums, but mostly I know the souls. I become one of them for a while. These adventurers lie down in the bed of danger. But when you get to these people and you walk through its doors, when you accept me as a friend, all the hard work and the risks are worth. I keep walking, touching each face through my lens. I show the world these unknown stories of suffering. If at least one hand came to give shelter, that would be the great honor of my effort”.

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Vigilantes in Pink

As “damas info”, a group of about 50 some women 20 years traveling the countryside by bicycle equipped with a laptop, a tablet, un smartphone, a digital camera and a glucometer. They help the villagers with a series of digital tasks, such as taking blood sugar readings and finding information on crops.



You can learn more about the work of this photographer in the video below (in English)



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