Kien Lam ∞ (Photography)

"A moving image of eternity ... that we call time"

Plato. Fear, 37 d

When 1582, Gregory XIII eliminated by decree the days were Thursday and Friday 4 October fifteenth of the month, the Roman people rebelled because he thought that they had stolen ten days of life. An absurd reaction from the physical perspective, but psychologically understandable.

There is no absolute now, This time no universal, nor a clear distinction between this, past and future. We believe that past and future do not exist, but the theory of relativity does see that last, present and future should be equally real, since the last of a person, is this another, and the future of third. Time does not pass but extends, not measured, but evolution. We are creators of temporality.

For Jorge Luis Borges “Any time is time perceived by someone”. “Each fraction of time not simultaneously fills the entire space, time is not ubiquitous” because the experience of time is a personal relationship: perhaps for this live studs and have many conflicts, but it can not be denied that at some point somewhere in the world two people are connected at the same time dimension”.

Kien Lam, a professional photographer based in San Francisco also seems to understand this. After leaving a successful business career, 343 day trip, 17 countries and 6237 Photos, created "Time is nothing" Time is nothing. A Time Lapse video not only shows the beauty and culture of the places photographed, but also makes certain the words of physics initiated by Newton, referring to that time plays the role of ordering the events fixedly, as if the universe were a long video film where events can never be altered.


Kien Lam



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