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Leonardo Da Vinci was the hero of my childhood and still is for me one of the greatest geniuses of history, me fascina.

They say that genius and madness are separated by a very thin thread and a good example of this statement is the personality of Leonardo. Went to the markets to buy caged birds with the sole intention of leaving immediately after release, yet was afraid to steal their ideas and their works plagiasen. He wrote his notes with his left hand in a particular orientation so they could only be read with a mirror. Often used codes and ciphers to disguise their ideas further. I do not know if the thread that separates genius and madness at some point was cut with Leonardo but his work continues to impress humanity.

Today I want to talk about The Last Supper, one of the most important works (if not the most) universal art. Its success is largely based on psychological strength of the scene focuses on the moment when Jesus predicts his betrayal by one of his disciples.


All the characters in the painting have a different reaction: Anger, Surprise, unbelief, doubt, guilt. To introduce these gestures Tawny conducted a comprehensive study of human temperament, using the faces of the apostles models real life.


The Last Supper, It is a painting of almost 9 meters long, began to deteriorate even in his lifetime. They say they did not master the technique of fresco, a technique which requires paint on plaster before it dries and does not allow repainting, not bocetos. I particularly think it. For such a man as Leonardo multidisciplinary, able to paint the Mona Lisa when you look at his mouth seems to smile and when you look at her eyes, smile fades, objects capable of designing advanced for its time as a tank or submarine, is difficult to escape him as a technique fresco. Leonardo was so meticulous end and perhaps for this reason did not use the technique of painting that requires especially fast and does not allow corrections.

He developed his own pigments for The Last Supper, but the mixture did not prove what I expected and the work began to deteriorate shortly after being painted. Moreover, the wall where the work in the refectory of Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan, was exposed to rain and wind, plus an underground stream passing under it.


In 1620, Spanish occupation forces, opened a door in paint mutilating the feet of Jesus himself and some of the apostles, and 200 years after Napoleon's soldiers used the refectory as block.

Paint all know what has been written. Many people talk about secret codes, signals that Leonardo wanted to make it to show their lack of faith. It has been brought to literature and film. So not for me to discuss alleged key, or the break that led to earlier works that reflected the Last Supper of the Christian Gospel. I am interested in the personality of Leonardo, I want to emphasize that all geniuses are lonely people, even when they are surrounded by people. Leonardo sometimes devoted to painting of the Last Supper from sunrise to sunset, forgetting to eat and drink, but others remained for days without touching a brush just staring, with arms crossed, examining and criticizing the figures. I would think that in this time of contemplation was also painting, mixing colors in your mind, correcting strokes, analyzing gestures. I see on the scaffold immersed and withdrawn in his work. And I see him soon wandering the streets of Milan, drawing in a notebook he always carried strapped to his belt real faces and gestures people would use later in the apostles and Jesus Christ. Even wrote in the book known today as Códice Forster names of people whose hands and faces should serve as models for the representation of the work. Leonardo describes in detail the different reactions of the disciples before the announcement of the betrayal. Descriptions such as: "One who was drinking cup left in place and turns his head towards the speaker" , other "with fingers curled and raised eyebrows, his neighbor is directed " . In the words of the artist himself "is a grave error in the same story repeated movements, faces and clothes "

1er grupo izquierda

The prior of Santa Maria Delle Grazie to the chaos that had become his refectory Ludovico complained to the negligence of Leonardo and this, Angry, answered: “I just have to finish the face of Judas, but it must be someone with the right features. If you encounter, I'll finish the paint in 24 hours and if no, I will use the prior own face, that could well be the same traitor”

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2º grupo derecha

línea ojos

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That was Leonardo, a man of vivid contrasts, an eccentric indomitable, a bold man, a man who skirted heresy and necromancy, as gifted man so much that it was almost impossible to focus on any that fascinated him and above all, a scientific. His ideas were tragically wasted, Lost for centuries while the world was at their height and discovering what discovered. In Leonardo's ego is stifled almost neurotic need to discover, to unravel the mystery of life.

"I would rather lose the ability to move the utility. Prefer death to inactivity, I never get tired of being useful "

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