A partir de 1900 Nabis' interests begin to distance themselves from the emergence of Cubism without having achieved its goal. Before they, art was a true reflection of reality, without affecting the inner world of the artist. After them, the feelings become the fundamental basis of representation. To understand them is key to note the important relationship that will be in his paintings between color and feeling. The color will be the vehicle for transmitting certain moods, or ways of feeling.

Paradoxically they say that, After admiring the works of him was perhaps the most important Nabi, Pierre Bonnard, ("The japonesista"), one wants to live life with more joy. It was decisive for the birth of modern art. He lived between 1867 and 1947 and he, Picasso said it was “a neoimpresionista, a decadent, twilight but no aurora”.


Women in the Garden, four decorative panels (Woman with polka dot dress; Woman sitting with cat; Woman with cape; Woman wearing pictures), 1890- 1891

Bonnard studied law, and in 1887 he decided to devote himself to painting enrolling at the Julian Academy, when he meets with the artists would boost the Nabi movement.

In 1890 He left his job in a government office and 1899 He enshrined as an advertising artist with an announcement of champagne knowing Maria Boursin, would change its name to Marthe de Méligny, becoming his wife and muse. Jealous and obsessive, with a tormented character, Bonnard portrays over 300 times, but always with the same look youthful and most of the time completely naked.

Le cabinet de toilette au canapè rose nu contre jour - 1908

The bathroom naked in against day pink sofa – 1908 – Pierre Bonnard

In 1925 Bonnard falls in love with one of his models, Renée Monchaty which would leave Marthe promises to marry her, although he never met. in change, he retired with his wife to Cannes by prohibiting her again and force him to destroy all his paintings. Renée Monchaty a month later committed suicide in the bathroom of his house and Bonnard, from that day, He portrayed his wife plunged again and again into the tub.

bañera - 1925 - Pierre Bonnard

bathtub – 1925 – Pierre Bonnard

When Marthe died, Bonnard completed one of the boxes Renée, hidden for many years.

 Le Repos (Renée Monchaty) - 1920 - Pierre Bonnard

Rest (Renée Monchaty) – 1920 – Pierre Bonnard

Gaugin Synthetism was the inspiration of the Nabis, but gradually they had only themselves. Bonnard decided that the world was better inward and focused on domestic scenes, in the variety of her lovers, and as he said in Marthe, “The key to your future is hidden in your daily life”.

Nu dans un intérieur - 1912-1914 - Pierre Bonnard

Nude in an Interior –
1912-1914 – Pierre Bonnard

Desnudo en la bañera - 1936 - Pierre Bonnard

Naked in the bathtub – 1936 – Pierre Bonnard

But Boxer, and here is the paradox, the most famous painting by Pierre Bonnard. The painter happy life, evasion and optimism, It is and will be remembered for brutal self-portrait full of pessimism. It was the inner solitude of Bonnard bordering on melancholy.

autorretrato (El boxeador) 1931 - Pierre Bonnard

Self (The boxer) – 1931 – Pierre Bonnard




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