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Reinfired Marass is a renowned professional photographer who was born in Vienna, Austria. At age 18 he traveled to Egypt and Sudan finding it enriching experience which in return, and after graduating as a mechanical engineer, decided to pursue professional photography.

Reinfried not use any lighting equipment, ni flash. Only natural light inspires your photos, without manipulation editing software. In his own words, "I love working with minimal equipment, because I can keep the focus on the landscape and grounds”.

A Leica lens and some are their only means to get excellent photos, free of artifacts.


To Reinfried, is important aesthetic sense as a universal concept, resulting in that their images are simply exquisite.


He explains that “a photographer has to have heart and be honest” and therefore, not detract from the naturalness of their work, models are not professional.


Passionate about life itself and classic and exotic cars (perhaps because of his training as a mechanical engineer), external, and light vehicles, usually the recurring motifs of his photographs.


Sensitized to social injustice, dedicated one of his works "The Wounded Woman Project, A Martyrdom of Life"Women injured by the psychological and physical abuse.


The composition of the image is one of the foundations of his work. The relationship of the points, lines and areas within the photos are influenced by the movement Bauhaus German, a movement that spread from 1919 up 1933, the principles of which were based on the simplification. Simple designs, risky and uncomplicated. Schemes that are recorded in the mind for its lack of ornaments, for its beautiful and brutal simplicity.

Mysterious, charismatic, and admirable culture, Reinfried in blocks with photographs that are in the otra thing more than visual poetry.


For him, "There is an unwritten contract between the photographer and the viewer, a kind of codex based photography as truth. There are no lies, the truth must translate raw and honest”, says.

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"Photography is a passion, It is the journey of a life as seen through the lens. Perhaps for this reason, My favorite photo has not yet been made. I always say I will be next, although not actually looking picture perfect. Prefer pictures with some imperfections, perfect because I get bored. "

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The photograph must have its own language, should talk, explains. Sometimes his works entitled to hint, but often leave the viewer by age, education, life experiences, cultural área, origen o sexo, do your own analysis. The camera is the mirror of the soul of the photographer. "My work is signed with the imprint of my heart. Heartless would just mere images. "


Born in Vienna, but grew up in Neulengbach, a small town in Austria where he also lived the painter and engraver Gustav Klimt Austrian disciple, Egon Schiele. This author was imprisoned for his paintings and erotic drawings. In 1912 I was charged and convicted, going so far as to burn some of the drawings he had in his study of a girl dressed up half length.

The work of Egon Shiele was the first contact with art Reinfried. Some features of this painter and engraver can also be found in his photographs.


Never help of lighting for your photos or helpers for their work sessions, can not be taken lightly as some of his images have been published in important places such as the prestigious Vogue.


Besides the taste for the fine arts, Reinfred share with a taste for exotic cars as pure and craft concepts, outside of current technologies and sophistication. And to finish, I do it with a word of this exceptional photographer related to these wonderful artifacts:

"Never drive faster than your guardian angel can bear"



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