Scherenschnitte ∞ Thomas Witte, by Rodrigo de Torre


Scherenschnitte realistic is the traditional method of cutting with scissors or other elements to generate lifelike paper silhouettes and, different kinds of shapes and forms.

This artisan technique originated in Germany and Switzerland in the sixteenth century, although its antecedents in the techniques of Chinese paper cut. Still today, during the Chinese New Year Festival is held in many parts of the country the tradition of sticking silhouettes of different patterns on the window or door as a symbol of a happy and festive atmosphere. In ancient times, girls should be trained in this technique and was considered a symbol of beauty and quality brides.

Paper cutting originated as religious ceremonies for funeral details. The dead scraps of paper that were used as offerings prepared, or they were burned during the funeral. On the contrary , for more than 1.000 years silhouettes are used for decorative purposes. The women of the Tang dynasty (618-907) the Scherenschnitte used as a headdress. Silhouettes butterfly motif, they welcomed the spring.

Andersen_Müllermann_kleinPossibly the most universally known scherenschnitte artist is paradoxically the least it is. The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen is known as the author of stories like “The ugly Duckling” or “The little Mermaid”. On the contrary , throughout his life he cut paper to give life to their stories. His fascinating ability to transform a piece of paper into a representation marveled your audience. The Museum of the city of Odense in Denmark has a collection Scherenschnitte created and signed by Hans Christian Andersen.

But our artist for this article is Thomas Witte. Sincerely we publish the photos do not do justice to his work. Images depicting exactly what they show, but to position ourselves in front of them, We observe that it is paper and then cut, the impact occurs.

Thomas Witte capture through the lens of a camera the everyday world we see and what becomes large format panels made of cut pieces of paper and which he, They have changed their way of seeing the world.

Florencia Paper cut

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He recently took part in an exhibition in honor of 100 anniversary of the Grand Central Station in New York.


Passionate about fashion and style of the 60 and 70, He rummaged through the family photos to find the memories of a trip to Spain by his grandfather at the time.

Thomas Witte

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Thomas is defined as an artist and believes that an art career is possible. "With the years, Art is what I want to do every day ".

Thomas Witte - carta-nave




Thomas White