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Susan Outlaw, is a Canadian painter born in 1973 get whose canvases convey an atmosphere of peace and tranquility on everyday scenes that avoids any contamination. His use of color, shapes and light, allows us to see the scene as a place where we would be.

Dandelion & Pine

Dandelion & Pine (Susan Outlaw)

Artistically educated in commercial arts at Sheridan College, the Oakville, Ontario, Canada, He started working at an advertising agency as art director. The birth of her two children changed his perspective and began to explore the arts in a more profound way, although his inspiration for painting feels from birth, as a gift.

after storm

After storm (Susan Outlaw)

Susan's canvases convey his enthusiasm for painting. Details of their work are invited to contemplate the painting for hours. "Nature has always been my source of leakage and the reasons for many of my works are landscapes and objects that one can find in the everyday".

Winter Vine & Field

Winter Vine & Field (Susan Outlaw)

Fog Path

Fog Path (Susan Outlaw)

Jean Francois Millet and Winslow Homer are some of the painters of his influence.

Nations (1814 – 1875) it was a French painter who painted realistic upstream in the innocence of his era rural men as opposed to degradation accompanying the citizen immersed in industrial society. For Susan, “Millet painting expressed in the humble way of inestimable”.


The Fog Warning (Winslow Homer)

The Fog Warning, (The Fog Warning), one of my favorite paintings by Winslow Homer, (1836-1910) It is an amazing piece. I like the sea and I find this painting struck a chord to appreciate a man fighting against the elements to take home a profit”.

Susan enjoys contemporary art, but can not help but be overwhelmed by the old masters and his ability to paint realistically without the help of the camera, “pre-made oil and canvas”. Some of his still lifes, are a challenge to this principle, his work as Red Delicious (Red delicious) dated 2013 and repeated with more content in his work on Crimson White (Crimson White) this year, one of his latest productions.

Red Delicious

Red Delicious (Susan Outlaw – 2013)


Crimson on White

Crimson on White (Susan Outlaw – 2014)

I guess I appreciate the painters who not only capture the beauty in his works, but also highlight an important element of the human spirit”.

Como Millet, Susan brings closeups aspects of daily life and simplicity, author considering that today there is a major disconnect with this reality.

He is currently working on a large seascape inspired by Peggy's Cove, en Halifax. This work focuses on the threatening waves breaking on rock. “I am fascinated by the powers of nature and the desire to capture this force will be the beginning of a series of my paintings”.

His work is distributed among private collections and public spaces and even the ability to create reproductions arises, is not resigned to dispense with the idea that his pieces lose authenticity and are unique in their class.

Their daily life revolves between painting, family and friends. Enjoy listening to his daughter play the violin, and it is a great football fan. Usually accompany their child whenever there is an opportunity like last year to represent their country, in the Danone Nations Cup.

I thank Susan gives me the opportunity to write this article and I hope soon have a new post for his next projects.

Town Hall

Town Hall (Susan Outlaw)


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