Marina Caruzzo ∞ Twitter in Art #MuseumWeek 2015

Twitter in Art. #MuseumWeek 2015

Let’s tweet in Art! From the 23 to 29 March 2015 the #MuseumWeek was held.MuseumWeek

Museumweek picThis initiative, one of the most important social events for art lovers, came to life last year starting from an idea of 12 Museums in Paris, in collaboration with France Twitter.

The event was diffused in all Europe including 630 Museums that captured the attention of 40.000 Twitter users, and generated 180.000 tweets about 7 different themes for the 7 days of the event.


For this second edition the organizers’s aim was to repeat the event on a world wide scale attracting more visitors. We can definitely say that this result has been achieved.

There were more than 600,000 Tweets using #museumWeek or one of the 7 daily hashtags and those Tweets were viewed +237 million times on Twitter and across the web (More on )

The most popular hashtags for this year’s #MuseumWeek were: #architectureMW #secretsMW and #inspirationMW.

#MuseumWeek #architectureMW #LeopoldMuseum#Wien

#MuseumWeek #architectureMW #LeopoldMuseum#Wien












#inspirationMW #BenakiMuseum#Athen

#inspirationMW #BenakiMuseum#Athen


Millions of people virtually visited and engaged with thousands museums, cultural institutions, galleries across the world, famous institutions along with lesser-known and nice collections.

Museumweek Italy

Vitalba Morelli is an Art Historian, blogger for @socialwebart and a consultant of social media marketing.

She’s also a team member of @TuoMuseo, a free digital platform for tourists and museum managers and Ambassador in Puglia for @InvasioniDigita.


Invasioni Digitali (Digital Invasions) is a bottom-up project of collective participation, mobs of people who support museums and cultural heritage by ‘invading’ them and then documenting the experience on blogs and social media.

When speaking with Doctor Morelli on #MuseumWeek she quoted: “This worldly digital event is not only an occasion of interaction between Museums and followers but it’s also revealing an important occasion of territory’s promotion on a world scale”.

Without doubt the enthusiasm and the number of people who took part in the #Museum Week is extremely evident and calls for no comment. Anyway, we would like to make a brief reflection about the meaning together with any possible doubts and critics regarding this initiative

M.- Doctor Morelli you describe the #MuseumWeek as an event to celebrate museums which we think is a very beautiful definition. We would like to ask you if there could be any contradictions.

M.- Having reached the end of the #MuseumWeek I’m very pleased to reflect with you about the initiative’s aims above all to try and understand what achievements have been gained.

As you said this initiative was born as a worldly social event to celebrate culture and make known museums and culture institutions for Twitter users. Taking into consideration the quantity and quality of the many tweets, without doubt culture has been celebrated with high praise finding new spaces.

In 2015, I think it’s right to say that museums should finally see the daylight with courage, thanks to social network and be active at level 2.0

It’s great to see that they create networks which continue in time even after the end of the #MuseumWeek. For example, in the last few days, I have got to know better the Pinacoteca Agnelli di Torino and I was also invited to their bloggerday #gioiadarte.

I must note, though, that during this event, museums are rarely able to create an important engagement with new users. Usually, only lovers of this sector interact significantly and follow the museums on social during the year.

However it is an important initiative that helps the community surrounding museums to grow and become stronger stimulating them to open their doors to new visitors.

#MuseumWeek @museobrera

#MuseumWeek @museobrera

M.-Probably new projects and collaborations will be numerous in the future.

On the other hand do you think there is a danger of turning this event into a show and treating superficially this important topic?

M.-Really during this #MuseumWeek I didn’t seem to have seen tweets without an educative culture. The Museums, with great reliability, have always kept the level of communication very high in an easygoing way.

For instance we can find a nice example in the National Museum “Giovanni Antono Sanna” of Sassari. Here a bronze applique of 10 cm in height and of enormous value, was made known to the public in a really funny way, thanks to the community manager’s activities on #poseMW.

Previously this object had rarely been photographed because of its small dimension but now anyone can admire it, in all its splendour.

Do you think all this could be considered trivial or a form of spectacular art? Personally I don’t think so.


M.-We agree with you.

The #MuseumWeek is loved by us all. Generally we believe that internet and social are precious and democratic instruments to communicate and spread culture.

In your opinion which could be the 3 significant key words to describe this topic?

M.-Above all regarding Twitter, my favourite social network, I’d say that the cultural contents emerge thanks to Verticality, Immediacy and the Meritocracy typical of communication on line.

A little example oMuseumweek tweet3f this is what happened to me on Saturday during the #favMW, when I tweeted with the Louvre Museum.

I would say that thanks to Twitter and these particular events it’s possible to communicate with Institutions which weren’t accessible before.

Don’t you think that a big step has been made?

M.- Yes, certainly. Obviously this is an ample and changeable topic that will continue to inspire us..

We’d like to thank Doctor Morelli for her words and her experience and we’d like to say goodbye with Samantha Cristoforetti’s words:

Beauty is everywhere… open your eyes and spread the word! #MuseumWeek #EarthIsArt

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