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cupido y psique Edvard Munch

Eros and Psyche
Edvard Munch

The ancient language, is the language of the Elves. It was impossible to lie in the Old Language. The names in that language were the real names and their knowledge was a source of power and control.

The Elves were not hostile to humans but its greatest strength, Intelligence and wisdom, made them think they were superior. They live in societies similar to ours, but are undetectable. Humans become their true language lies, and they decided to return to us to not be mixed with non-contaminated.

The Phoenicians and then Greeks, obtained the heritage language of the Elves, and in a first stage, humans also always told the truth and create beautiful words, such as the Greek word psyco, whose substantive psyche, referred initially to the breath, the breath exhaled breath or the death of a human being. To the ancient Greeks, when the psyche, escaping the body, had an autonomous existence, they imagined as a winged, since the noun naming psyche as soul, and as butterfly. Alma and butterfly, are written in the same way Greek: Psyche.

If you want more evidence that the soul and butterfly are the same, comprobad the Greek letter Psi. You will see that U is a, starting with a slash (I) half: A butterfly.


It is no coincidence. The old language born from the observation of nature, and therefore, Elves, feeling as they feel a great appreciation for her, live to protect. They jurisdiction humans who said that the more the symbols are asemejasen to known elements, greater the power of communication between people, and would build a better planet among all, because we would understand the difference between good and bad, between truth and falsehood, between death and life.

The Elves however, before giving his great legacy, demanded of us humans to change transmit truer words from old language, we had to convince our goodness, and the true nature of the soul, would not risk it for any reason something as important as the destruction of the planet. Human, to fulfill the commitment, wandered around in history for many years, until we came up with the Psychology. Notice that the word psychology, has the following psi (the Greek letter meaning soul and butterfly) and termination lbread (which means study, treaty). So, Psychology was created to study the soul, and since then its symbol would be the Greek letter Psi, graphing being an abstraction of insect appreciated.

Psychologists began to study case by case human, and do not like what they saw. With such examples, never would get to convince the elves that we surrender new real words. The Pillage, treachery and deceit, was the most frequently found in all.

Day present the conclusions he approached the Elves, but psychologists did not have a single case worthy of being presented to the people Elf. Humans were doomed to ostracism.

Finally, to limit the term, Psychology presented a unique case. The God Eros (better known by Cupid) and Psyche, his beautiful human wife. While it was true that the example was not exactly a compliment human, if it served to represent the ability to redeem.

The case was as follows:


The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli (1485). The Goddess, driven by winds, comes ashore on a shell, and spring dresses.

Aphrodite, the mother of Cupid, jealous of the beauty of Psyche, he sent his son to launch an arrow and you make him fall in love with the most horrible and despicable man he found. Hearing this the Elf King, put a face terrible, but psychologists were quick to see Psyche continuar.Cupido, he fell so madly in her, launched his arrow at sea. And when Psyche was asleep when, is the flying led to his palace.

Then made a deliberate pause psychologists looking askance Elf King and this, seemed far more relaxed and pleased, encouraged them to continue with a characteristic gesture of his pointed ears.

Both lovers began to live passionately love, until one day, Psyche betrayed Cupid. Humans were not to see the Gods, because they do not understand, but the sisters of Psyche, convinced her to light a lamp to see. This was the betrayal.

The Elf King again changed his expression again becoming suspicious.

Psyche, -continued faster psychologists before the King rise from his seat- aware of his mistake, Aphrodite apologized begging to give him back his love of Eros. And Aphrodite, well convinced rid of Psyche, sentenced him to four hard evidence in order that human dies.

The first test consisted of a great mountain separating, Seeds of various types. Psyche, powerless, was about to give, but eventually got tears attract ants helped countless overnight to separate the seeds. Humans learned then that love can move mountains, -psychologists concluded.

The second test was to collect golden fleece of Solar Goats. Psyche tried to approach them, but it was impossible to burn both touch. And desperately jumped into the river with the intention of taking his life. A rush to see it, helped her graceful exit and told to undertake the task at sunset. Humans learned then that there is always an optimal time for everything, psychologists say.

The third test -continuaron to see King listening pleasure- consisted of filling a jar with frost and deadly waters of the River Styx, the limit of the earth and the world of the dead. Psyche thought that instead of entering the river, I would go to the waterfall that feeds. He climbed the mountain leaving the skin and nails in the rugged rocks, and once on top, noted to his dismay that there were enormous dragons that soon would end his life if he dared approach the refreshing waterfall where they drank their fiery throats. It was then about to succumb, Jupiter's eagle was the pitcher, he filled, Psyche and rescued achieving the feat. This taught us humans -añadieron the psychologists, it is easier to reach impossible when you know clearly what you want. When something truly want, no frustration at not having, but confident that someday will be achieved.

And the ultimate test, -they said to not have interrupted the Elf King and again, sign that he was pleased.- The last test, the hardest, it was to get the hell lady a box of magical beauty powders. Psyche knew that the kingdom of the dead never return, but she was convinced to get it for the love he professed for Eros. He thought about jumping off a tower to die and fulfill the task, but the tower sugirió:

-It takes two coins in his mouth for the ferryman to take you there and back, bread in each hand to feed twice a three-headed dog of the entrance to hell, and do not accept help from the dead to leave the vessel. Grab the box and returns, but do not open ever.

Psyche did so faithfully fulfilling advised, but human curiosity overcame her, and opened the box to find that fainting was nothing and it was all a hoax.

Psychologists added:

-It is known that those who sleep in hell, It goes into a slumber from which no return, is the sleep that precedes death, but it taught us that individual goals are less important than the collective, and to achieve a balance, need to set priorities and not be distracted. We learned that beauty achieved with the lived, with experienced and the experienced.

The Elf King, atentísimo then asked:

-What happened to Psyche?

Eros, -continued the psychologists, knowing the extreme tests that her mother had ordered Psyche, was in search, waking with one of his arrows to take her to Aphrodite and give the box. Aphrodite, recognizing the efforts of Psyche, he admitted as his son's wife, making Goddess.

The king smiled Elf

And Psyche -concluyeron and psychologists, with all his faults as a human, but with enormous will we treasure, He then went to walk the earth as do the caterpillars, to become Goddess, as does the chrysalis to become a butterfly.

Butterfly played since the role of being a symbol of the soul's ability to transform. To be simple oruga, one fine day, like listening to a call, wrapped in its cocoon, is isolated from the world and soon reborn as a beautiful butterfly. It is the transformation of psyche, the fragile soul that must be treasured.

The Elf King, impressed gave humans the old language full. The use we have done after him, is another story. One story that made the Elves hid from us forever.