The world of artistic creation, usually immersed in profound changes. Present day, the development of digital technology is influencing the creative processes and techniques used by artists, changing somewhat traditional cultural consumption habits.

On the contrary , difficulties in accessing new talent to remain the cultural scene ever. The limited economic means new creators, lack of sponsorship, or information dispersity, causes many valuable pieces never meet them depriving the consumer of art itself while, to get the artist not cross that barrier between anonymity and recognition of his work. Hence all the support they can get to the artistic diffusion from public and private entities are always welcome. If you also art galleries, exhibition centers and other places of cultural diffusion manage to obtain information in a flexible new talent focusing their search in areas such as creativetoday.with, we are facilitating access of new artists to the cultural landscape also benefit the consumer itself art,es.

If eres writer, painter, musician, Photographer sculptor. If you work with digital art, video art, or you use any other media of artistic expression, in creativetoday.with You can display your work for free. Just send us an email from the contact tab with your name, Your email address, and brief notes of your work. Later, and to prevent the information to be used by malware or unknown identities, send you a personalized e-mail to ask you some details of your biography and a sample of your work. If you are selected, you finally send the information to the minimum quality, the size of the images you want to publish, the text you want to be read, extension of files in mp3, or the video format as appropriate. ¡Aprovéchalo!