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Alexander Dragunov is an amateur photographer known for his artistic photographs of Stockholm subway. The magic of this transport is in its stations, gigantic art gallery in which more than 150 artists have created their works to identify it as the largest underground museum of art in the world, the underground scene of the stylistic proposals since the 50 until the early 2000.


Although many of the Stockholm subway stations look very modernist, su architecture actually goes back decades. In fact, the initial campaign to bring art to the metro stations began in Stockholm 1950 by los artistas Vera Nilsson y Siri Derkert.

The stations were built by dynamiting the underground rock.


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Varied art works such as the surrealist artist Takashi Vreten Naraha station with his work entitled “cubes sky.”

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O station Näckrosen, (“The water lily.”) that helped the artist Lizzie Olsson-Arle should think of this aquatic plant to decorate in 1975.

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For his more than 110 km long and more than 90 their 100 stations can appreciate this vast art gallery. You can take a break in one of the 17 granite benches located on the platform of the station Skarpnäck, diseñados by Richard Nona, and installed in 1994.

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The Stadion station is decorated with a rainbow covering the roof, Enno Hallek work and Ake Pallarp year 1973.


A major concern for the correlation between the elements are the blue trains station Hjulsta, contributing significantly to make the Stockholm subway a sensory experience.

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The art does not stop. Stockholm underground are replaced and add four or five times a year new work stations Zinkensdamm, Skanstull, Odenplan, Lock, Fridhemsplan y Gärdet . A dynamic art, created in most cases with techniques that would not stand the test of time.

Alexander Dragunov fail the last hours of the day to get snapshot of deserted stations. His next work will show us the underground stations in London and Munich.

You can meet Alexander in this video:

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