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Angelo Cane is an artist who lives in Orlando. He graduated from 1987 at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. For two decades he worked in the areas of design and art direction in advertising industry, but he returned to his true passion; paint. Fundamentally acrylics on canvas or board up his work. Pictures, scenery, still life paintings and murals are the main topics.


Abstract art is one of his favorite. When you choose to thematic motifs under this discipline, it does so without a preconceived idea. VA adding layers on the canvas until something takes shape. We could say that is the painting who discovers Angelo.




Shares with his wife Ann decoration company. Angelo is responsible for many of the pieces of art that are incorporated into the structure of the buildings that decorate.

I drew a lot of attention his paintings of cyclists reasons for its originality and its color. They combined their preference for abstract art with touches of realism. His mastery of the subject and the feelings it conveys these paintings would make us think that Angelo is passionate about the sport, but in reality it is not so. It's just an amateur who sometimes walks with his wife by bicycle to the nearby city of Winter Park to enjoy a small picnic lunch. That's it.

The decision to devote a theme of his painting cycling was due to meet Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux, an informal cafe in Audubon Park Garden District of Orlando. The thematic motif of this cafe is cycling and Angelo began to exhibit some of his paintings there with considerable sales success.


Very original abstract paintings squad in full career.



Para Angelo, Cycling is an exciting topic on which to paint. The challenge in his words is connected with a sport and bring it to life through the passion. Usually inspired by the racing cyclists own photos and journals. The aim of this subject in his painting is to get the viewer feel when contemplating moving their works.


If you came to Orlando, and visit the Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux coffee in the 3022 de Corrine Drive, Orlando, you will recognize immediately paintings Angelo, and perhaps, if you are fond of cycling, you feel identified with many of his paintings can order directly from the author.



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