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Song of the Sea - Dawn Reader

Song of the Sea – Dawn Reader

Since the ancient of days, the sea has been a mystery, an unfathomable, and unknown place to mankind. The secretive and winding world beneath the waves was once kept to songs of myth and legend. Before the earth was completely explored, navigation was synonymous with great adventure, unchartered sites never to appear on maps.

Even today the fog can hide a continent, or make an island appear an dissapear. The truth however, is not written in maps,, the truth is in , the experiences that live in the recesses of our minds, souls and spirits..

Coastal Ligth - Dawn Reader

Coastal Ligth – Dawn Reader

Daw Reader has been painting the sea for as long as she can remember. She is captivated by a quality of light, and her inspiration over the years is the result of her travels to the Atlantic, Baltic and North Seas, One day she wondered what a frozen sea would be like so she went to the Arctic..

Touching the Sky - Dawn Reader

Touching the Sky – Dawn Reader

Artic Reflection - Dawn Reader

Artic Reflection – Dawn Reader

She was touched by the quiet morning light one snowy day when she found a white landscape with an incredible silence, She went to the Arctic in 2009 to pursue the midnight sun, to Iceland in the winter of 2010, and the following year to Antarctica. Although the landscapes appear lonely and bleak, there is within them "a true sense of freedom and peace" -she explains-

Her life of paintings is a journey towards light and freedom.

Maybe Dawn, is one of a small minority of the population that is affected by different stimuli in a broader measure than the rest. In the latter part to of the last century, the American psychologist Elaine Aron, found that two out of ten people, are considerably more sensitive than the remaining eight, and they are enormously gifted to perceive any signs of beauty.

sparkling water - Dawn Reader

sparkling water – Dawn Reader

Daw paints the soul of the sea. The Atlantic waves we now see in her paintings, possibly seas generated a long time ago, that perhaps was inhabited by the Nereids in Greek mythology or even further back to where our souls can´t go, are as recognisable today as of yesterday.

Light on the Water - Dawn Reader

Light on the Water – Dawn Reader

She simplifies and softens landscape forms using a limited and somewhat muted palette to extract and specify spiritual serenity. The application of light and darkness in her work serves to bring depth and perspective, but also emphasizes the strength and power of creation.

Pebbles on the Beach - Dawn Reader

Pebbles on the Beach – Dawn Reader

She has worked in theatre and film, specifically for the BBC and the National Theatre. Her work has been featured on Channel 4 British television, The Sunday Times Style magazine, Elle Decoration, House & Garden, Homes & Gardens, and Vogue in the UK.

Fisherman - Dawn Reader

Fisherman – Dawn Reader

melodious moment - Dawn Reader

melodious moment – Dawn Reader





COVER IMAGE: Rising Clouds – Dawn Reader


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