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“The surrealists thought there was nothing more mysterious than everyday life. I agree. Everyday life is very disconcerting ".

Edward Gorey

In matters of eroticism and sex, Much is said about the importance of mind. The statistics of any country in the world that deal with sexual dissatisfaction as more revealing fact conclude that the origin is in the lack of encouragement of our key sexual organ: brain. Literary and literally we could say that sex is in the brain.

'The Curious Sofa’ It is a subtle and intelligent work written in 1961 straddles an illustrated story and a narrative poem that requires the reader to know to play the game that offers its author Edward Gorey, from his version of the topics of erotic literature.

In his own words, He drew the curious couch in a weekend. It was a satire Story of O (Pauline erotic classic Réage (pseudonym Anne Desclos) which tells the initiation of a young sadomasochism. The author acknowledged 86 years the adventures of "O" to woo wrote the author of the Foreword, Jean Paulhan). "There was a printer who refused to print the curious sofa. Even today I keep hearing continues saying Edward Gorey- there are good people following scandalized. But the details of the party at Lady Celia develop in the reader's mind ".

"Alice comía uvas en el parque cuando se le presentó Herbert, un joven muy bien dotado"

“Alice ate grapes in the park when he was presented Herbert, a young well endowed”

"Herber la invitó a dar un paseo en un taxi, en cuyo interior hicieron algo que Alice no había hecho nunca..."

“Herber invited to take a ride in a taxi, within which Alice did something that had never done…”

Illustrator and writer of the cult called by his understanding of reality and its eccentric way to translate it into images straddles the acid humor and tenderness, caricatured in his works the tragedy by characters such squalid subject to the resignation of the misfortune that tear us a smile, even watching an overwhelming tragedy appropriates them.

Great as an illustrator, "The Curious Sofa" includes a series of drawings in which the author runs away from explicit sex but we captures attention with details that suggest more than say, leaving all the work to the imagination, the deduction and the intelligence of the reader through paraphiliacs characters up to the curious sofa that gives title to the work.


Artist black and white, your life is full of eccentricities as his collection of dead babies. Freak books, He started drawing when he was not yet two years, and the three, read without help from nade. He fled from social gatherings, but it was fixed viewer New York City Ballet, when the choreography corresponded to George Balanchine, she considered “the greatest genius of art history”

NYC Ballet

His best known work is an alphabet that, letter by letter, It tells the story of a child victim of some misfortune. En The Gashlycrumb Tinies (Macabre pequeñines) each vowel and each consonant of a vignette in which recreates accompanied, with simplicity and mastery at the same time, the right time of misfortune afflicting its protagonists.


Their anonymity has been rescued by Edward Gorey some bands like Nine Inch Nails or The Tiger Lillies great with Kronos Quartet made an album dedicated to the memory of Edward Gorey 2002 you can hear here.

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