The closest thing to the title that heads this article is the name of the Greek goddess Eurifaesa, also called Tea, Tía the Web. The sight Titánide, and by extension, the goddess who endowed the gold, silver and gems with its brightness and intrinsic value.

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Berta Vicente Salas, 21 years, winner of Emergent Lleida 2011, and winner of the portrait category in the Youth section of the Sony World Photography Awards 2013.

In his photographs shows great sensitivity and maturity. Dancer for ten years, al final, photography could only dance.


When you select an image, It makes for harmony he sees in it. If your photos are visually aesthetic, It is thanks to the dance, Like his perfectionist nature.

He says what he likes most about photography is to interact with the person who modeled, why the portrait genre is their strong point. Their stories are captivating visuals, elegant and inspiring.

carla & me


“I have the feeling of being tested. And I guess while I test it, I will also create. I want to experience and rectify. What I do, I do guide me by what interests me at the moment. And I am very interested, a lot, people. I am fascinated. The relationships between people and their relationship with me. I like what is created at the time of taking the picture and understand what the other person is giving you "

carla & dafne

For her, social networks are a tool to reach many people and “when you succeed, It's very flattering, But at the same time, a need is created, a dependency to like, which stands between your photo and you, And I do not like that. I do not teach many photos. Before I had the need to teach each photo in social networks. If I loved, hung it on the internet and if you had no success, that photo, automatically, I liked least. And I guess I needed to see this much public approval, I decided I did not want to have that need to like the others to feel comfortable with my photos. I did not want my relationship with them was so fragile ".

“When I work with analog, spend more time with photos and when I processed, I teach are the people you trust to receive a feedback with which I can evolve, without expecting anything more”.

Your camera makes you feel safe and think that if I had twenty years his photographs would not cause the same impression.


"Normally, the photographs do in my room, luckily enters a light that I like and I'm a wall painting by the ideas of photos that have. The models are my friends. I have lovely friends with infinite patience”


Would love, to take pictures for the rest of your life and live it and, sincerely, seen his work, us too.





Berta Vicente Salas