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"Words convey physical sensations, not only meaning "


Is expected to remain in a place where it is believed that something will happen. Stay is kept unchanged in a given state or situation. When hope and remain boredom appears, Or what is the same, zero degree of creativity.

“Esperando a Godot”, written late 40 por Samuel Beckett, It is waiting for Vladimir and Estragon, a Godot. The protagonists are bored to death and lack of hope. They are only waiting, simply letting time pass. His language and his attitude provokes us an unbearable feeling of boredom in order to make us feel in ourselves the consequences of the loss of creative capacity. At the end of the work, the protagonists only two options before them: hang or keep waiting, for Godot ends never appear.

The work is a clear example of the theater of the absurd, stories characterized by apparently meaningless, repeating dialogues but that basically always questioning the society and man.

For the Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, (2 June 1959), the wait is 'the most painful emotions'.

Literature and photography share the function of transmitting an idea, a message. Both are integrated into a communicative universe.

Olaf's work provokes us “perverse and seductive thrill” . The silence of its models, they are full of “expressive force and an almost overwhelming energy”. Their images are poignant social portrait. In his series "Waiting", the characters seem to "float" in a gloomy and disturbing environment, as trapped in their own hopes, indifferent, tedious.


One of its virtues is to show the before or after something happens.


Loneliness, the expectation and desire become central themes that characterize the work of Olaf.


His motionless and undecided characters do not show any security on a next move, because neither it makes sense. An attitude and similar to the plot of Waiting for Godot message, where nothing happens "but am sure it will".

Erwin Olaf

In the picture above, the ridiculous party hat on the head of a fat black man, It increases the feeling of unease that conveys the character and despite its immobility, we appear bleak, weary and dreary.

Characters that do not go anywhere because they do not want to go, perhaps because they know, Beckett said that "there is no passion more powerful than the passion of sloth".

Erwin Olaf



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