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Pohorylle happen, daughter of Polish immigrants of Jewish origin, He was born in Stuttgart, Germany day 1 August 1910 and he died in Spain, the 26 th of July 1937.

Your name, André Friedmann next to a Hungarian citizen born in 1913 in Budapest, It does not tell us too, but both fell in love in 1934 and the audacity of it changed its destinations and the history of photography.

happen, partly to hide his Jewish ascending and largely also because I wanted with André give prestige to the profession of photographer, while prestige gave themselves, He decided to change their names. She would become Gerda Taro (somehow recalling the famous actress Greta Garbo), and the, Robert Capa, an alleged American photographer (with reverberations of the name of the great film director Franz Capra) though never in his life had trodden America. Success was resounding, not only because she was selling pictures of him at three times its value, but because it would be born a myth when they decided to move as reporters to cover the Spanish Civil War. The artistic talent manifested itself in all the photographs of Friedmann was his, but the creation of the myth that made his talent worldwide triumph was the exclusive work of his partner, whose pictures also bore the name of Robert Capa, thus falling into anonymity until after 60 years of the Civil War finished in Mexico discovered a suitcase in a closet with three small boxes and more 4500 Negative reporters Robert Capa, David Seymour, alias Sank, y Gerda Tardo.

It was a free woman in a man's world… Body Freedom, and freedom of mind: "I strive to be perfect to feel invulnerable," he said. attractive, seductress, brave, determined, and eager to live. He taught to take pictures, but she taught him everything else. A love story that lasted more than two years.

Gerda Taro

Gerda Taro

Robert Capa fotografiado por Gerda Taro

Robert Capa photographed by Gerda Taro

The 1 August 1937 They had an appointment in Paris to celebrate together 27 her birthday before he left to China. But she never came. The day 26 th of July 1937 It was accidentally hit by a Russian tank, and a few days before had commented that "When you think of all the great people we've both known and who have died ... you have the absurd feeling that somehow is not just to stay alive”.


Gerda Taro1

Alfred Kantorowicz a German intellectual, Gerda said it was incredibly attractive. He is wearing pants, a lopsided beret on her pretty reddish blond hair and elegant gun in the waist ". For Spanish literary and journalistic circles was known as "The little blonde".

He risked more account, always looking to limit the final photo, perhaps you have heard on more than one occasion the famous phrase of Robert Capa: “If your pictures are not good enough, It is that you have not close enough”.

Gerda Taro 2

François Maspero, author “Gerda Taro, the shadow of a photographer” it says that "had virtually disappeared from the history of photography. Only the biographies contained in Layer and a large number of errors. Today, Gerda Taro is no longer a shadow, but his memory remained hidden for more than 60 years”.


Gerda Taro 3


Gerda Taro, retratada en París (1936) por Robert Capa con el pijama de él

Gerda Taro, portrayed in Paris (1936) by Robert Capa pajamas him

Shortly before his death begin to use the firm "Photo Taro" and his last words were; Anybody got my camera?

Rafael Alberti and his wife's body position became Gerda Taro and took care to bring it to the border with France, where it is buried.





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