“Imagination” ∞ Brooke Shaden (Photography)

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We know that many painters, Photographers, musicians and even athletes, mentally rehearse their works before running. Imagine an action and implement it are not as different as things seem. When we imagine something so very vivid and intense, adding color, sounds, sensations and feelings, our physical state also changes. Throughout history man has been able to create what he imagined and even memory is a manifestation of it. Where imagination, no opportunity.


Brooke Shaden start in photography in December 2008. Born in Lancaster, USA (1988), photography is proposed to make beautiful things that others find disturbing. Its production is impressive and demonstrates how imagination and effort are two powerful tools for success in our lives.

for Brooke, imagination is a fire burning brightly inside and encouraged to trust herself. Imagine the life you want to live is in it already and that their obligation is to leave out. "Immerse yourself in your imagination, creates, do what you love. Embrace your own form of eccentricity and use it boldly ", says.


"I choose to express emotions and show a part of me that does not usually go often. My art is me in many ways, is the highest expression of the deepest part of myself ".


Self-portraits are natural autobiography. Tries to position itself within those worlds in which I wish I could live. Worlds where secrets weather float and where the impossible is possible. “Know yourself through your art and to know your art, know yourself. It is the great circle that surrounds us”.


Your use of pictorial techniques, its dreamlike compositions and framings, They give balance and a certain poetic touch to his work until stimulate our imagination.

Brooke Shaden


"My white wall is a source of inspiration. Being able to create from nothing, and making art with the most minimal tools and great imagination is the best way to realize that, despite setbacks, we can create with what we have around us”