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-Life in a Collage-

the collage, a collage, (according to the RAE, the words of French origin ending in "age", should españolizase in "AJE") It is beyond being considered an essential engine of change in twentieth century art, a conquest of cubism.

In 1911 Braque added for the first time one of his paintings an inscription in typographical characters, and it showed Picasso, who saw excited that these objects produce a specific effect on the mind and the eye of the beholder. On the contrary , Picasso had virtually all life cutting and pasting, and by 1899 in his work Man leaning against the wall, He had hit the fragment of a female face. Technically it was a collage, but without the revolutionary component that would later Cubist collage.

Juan Gris, Arp, Kurt Schwitters, Man Ray, Eileen Agar, Joseph Cornell among others, They have used collage beating the transition from century to establish itself as a form of contemporary expression. Today, artists such as Eli Craven, Nancy Spero, John Stezaker, Eugenia Loli, Corine Attali (see article here) still they used as the basis of his art Collage. Ines Kouidis, only used for their works, fragments of old newspapers.

Piece by piece and piece by piece, Kouidis papers come to life in his Berlin studio.

Ines Kouidis 1


Ines Kouidis 2

His work often focuses on personalities of mid-twentieth century. Musicians and icons of the years 50 and 60 They are your favorites and says that enjoys creating images of people it attracts him because otherwise, I could not concentrate for weeks in the creation of some of his collages.

Ines Kouidis 3

Ines Kouidis 4

If we make an abstraction of the whole work and we look at each cut, we see that are not random. Each has a sense in the set, and a direct relationship with the protagonist of the play. Ines usually documented personality of its models to get to know them well enough to represent them on the canvas. If someone tarried to watch your creations with a magnifying glass, see that every blade of paper has a reason. For instance , in the next collage of Marilyn Monroe, It shows that in the shoulder can read the word "birthday", and his hair peeks President Kenedy. It is allusions to the famous birthday song sung by Marilyn the President and the alleged affair with the Head of State.

Ines Kouidis 5

Not only the works themselves Ines Kouidis have great appeal because of its complexity and realism, but also tell us a bit of history of its protagonists.

Ines Kouidis 6

And finally, the artistic language of collage achieves expand increasingly as a cheaper alternative of noble materials of fine arts.



Ines Kouidis