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-Living from the Heart-

There are people (2 decade 10) they have a finer nervous system and more developed than others. The consequence is that receive much more sense than others. They are people in whom the emotional mind is far quicker than the rational mind, follow associative logic, and categorical thinking.

These people are generally prone to the arts as they are a capable medium and allow conmoverlas “explore the deepest parts of our inner landscape ".

In the book Art and creation of the mind In de Eliot. Eisner explained that having the ability to see things in an aesthetic way is a "way to experience joy".

James Jean

One of those people with a finer nervous system than others is James Jean. Born in Taiwan 1979, he graduated from 2001 at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. 15 years later, He is recognized for his work as an illustrator of covers for comics, and especially after his extraordinary collaborations with world renowned brands like Prada fashion.

James Jean

introverts, aware that the environment around them find it more complicated and difficult than the rest of the people. Shyness is a characteristic feature in their social relationship, but they have a high ability to perceive beauty and demonstrate a special emotional connection with others.

James surrounds his work with an invitation to get into it and find the meaning of their symbols.


James Jean2

His talent is both a challenge and a gift. In 2008 retired illustration and commercial projects to focus on painting. James Jean5

In 2011 He led to his divorce and bankruptcy, what is more important, to deep wounds that still tries to recover.


James Jean6

And although the reality of that 80% of the population hurts another 20%, nobody lives more intensely love, nobody enjoys over small details and no one lives more from the heart.


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