La ciudad más emocionante del planeta” ∞ Fan Ho (Photography)

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La ciudad más emocionante del planeta

The 1 th of July 1997, United Kingdom transferred sovereignty of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China. The Chinese called it "the" return ". British "delivery". That day, Hong Kong again became part of China, but with a special administrative system in the year ending 2047 and so, full integration will be.

A country, two systems. In other words, one hundred fifty years of British colonial influence, five thousand of Chinese tradition come together in a city full of contrasts and life. Dark corners covered by fog and neon lights that inhabit the verticality of huge skyscrapers.

FAN HO HongKongVenice.jpg

Hong Kong live in ancient traditions and excessive luxury. Hong Kong people practice tai-chi in public parks early in the morning to work the harmony between body and mind. Afterwards, some are aimed at financial centers and others open their shops. All still life.


Contrasts brilliantly represented in the film "The World of Suzie Wong" in which an English artist, during his trip to Hong Kong falls in love with a charming and mysterious prostitute. The main theme is the collision between two cultures seen through a classic story of impossible love.

Fan Ho

fan Ho (Shangái 1931- Saint Joseph, California 2016), It is a photographer, actor and film director. A creator of unfinished stories, and open pictures that anyone has interpreted as part of the magic and mystery of Hong Kong.

"In my photographs there midpoints, I express myself and to my heart "


"For me, what makes a photo is good it is something you can feel, something that touches your heart. What I want is that the person you see my pictures feel what I feel when I see my work "


Born in Shanghai, he moved to Hong Kong with his family, where he began taking pictures as a hobby using a Rolleiflex given to him by his father until people and perhaps their own ancient culture was possessing him.


Inspired by the view of the Bauhaus, City multicultural and cosmopolitan Hong Kong becomes from the target of Fan Ho, in a dark magical city of light and, shadow, crowds and solitude.

Several of his films as Carnal Desire, Lost, Miserable Girl, Szechuan Concubine, inter, They have become works of worship.