Homeless ∞ Lee Jeffries ∞ (photography)

"The homeless are just that, homeless. It can happen to any of us and in that sense are the same as you and me. "

Lee Jeffries is an English photographer who lives in Manchester and is dedicated to portraying long sporting events. A chance meeting with a young homeless on the streets of London changed his artistic approach forever. He recalls that on that occasion had stolen a photo of a young girl without home nestled in a sleeping bag. Jeffries knew that she had seen, though his first reaction was to flee; something made him stay and talk to the girl. Your perception about the homeless completely changed the point of making them "object" of his art.


“It did not take pictures of all homeless people encounter. I have to do something in his eyes. Unless you feel you can feel some emotion of the person, simply photography, at work. I took hundreds of pictures of people, honestly, not working”.


Homeless Lee has known in Europe and the United States. These are photographs that portray his convictions and compassion. A witness in image form which certainly goes deep, moving pictures to point it disturbing ...


For more than 3 years has gone from city to city in search of people without portraying home and achieving amazing and vibrant images, going from alleys in Los Angeles, even the darkest and dirtiest parts of cities in France and Italy, and, sometimes, has had to deal with dangerous situations.


Portraits of Jeffries are usually in black and white, without artificial lighting, but processes the photos after shooting.

Besides trying to capture the essence of his "models”, Jeffries get great satisfaction personal contact you have with them: talk to them, tells you the job you are doing, what is, and 6 or 7 times each 10, get a photo. The other times simply going.

Lee was born in 1971 Manchester (United Kingdom). Lives there, works as an accountant and is dedicated to photography as a hobby. Shoot with a Canon 5D and prefer digital media. His favorite movie is "The Thin Red Line" and photojournalist James Nachtwey admires. "