Lucian Freud y Lady Caroline Blackwood saliendo del registro de Chelsea después de su boda el 9 de Diciembre de 1953

Lucian Freud and Lady Caroline Blackwood log out of Chelsea after their wedding 9 December 1953


"Chica en la cama" (1952) 45,7 x 30,5 cm. Colección privada

“Girl in bed” (1952) 45,7 x 30,5 cm. Private collection

Lucian Freud y Lady Caroline Blackwood they met in 1949 a prom. She had 18 years and very good social position as the eldest daughter of the Marquess of Dufferin and one of the heirs to the Guinness empire. Freud, he was still married to his first wife Kitty Epstein from which it is separated shortly meet Caroline, beginning a relationship that will last six years and in six portraits which inspired focused on Caroline's face, never in your body. In these pictures you can read love story, and chronic. Today they are considered within the work of Freud as one of his most moving works and tender.

After meeting, Caroline goes to live in the study of Lucian Paddinton causing a stir in the social environment of her and Lucian had not yet reached great fame that would years later and it was Jewish. The fact that his grandfather was the famous Sigmund Freud did not care for the family of Caroline. With everything, in 1952 They abscond to Paris. She has 21 and he was 30. They live in the Hotel La Louisiane, now it belongs to the work “Girl in bed " where Caroline is listed in the hotel room. This portrait conveys innocence and fantasy. Lucian paints a boyish face, con parts, sweet and dominated by big blue eyes of Caroline.

"Chica leyendo" (1952) 15.2 x 20.3 cm. Colección privada

“Girl reading” (1952) 15.2 x 20.3 cm. Private collection

That same year is “Girl reading” where the change is seen in the way of painting by Lucian since leaving the drawing predominated in the series dedicated to his first wife Kitty, in favor of pictorial material with a style more loose and viscous.

"Chica con un gatito"(1947) Tate Gallery (Retrato de su primera mujer Kitty)

“Girl with a kitten”(1947) Tate Gallery
(Portrait of his first wife Kitty)

The 9 December 1953 Caroline and Lucian marry in a civil ceremony in Chelsea. It will be the second marriage of the painter who would not marry. His private life is characterized by having several lovers and 14 children recognized.

Lucian y Caroline fotografiados en su luna de miel

Lucian and Caroline photographed on their honeymoon

The three years of the marriage of Lucian and Caroline were marked by an evening out of it, his friendship with Bacon, fights and gambling debts.

"Chica con vestido verde"(1954) 32.5 x 23.6cm Arts Council Collection

“Girl with green dress”(1954) 32.5 x 23.6cm Arts Council Collection

In “Girl with green dress” painted in 1954, Caroline appears sad and pensive look, heavy eyelids and dark circles. But it will be in another work of the same year “Hotel room” where the uncertain future of the couple is represented by a double portrait in which he is painted in the shade and in the foreground portrays Caroline curled up in bed with a face of concern. The confrontation of the two in the room describes the tense atmosphere that were passing by. At the time the work was considered by many to be shocking, violent and cruel. It was presented at the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 1954, along with the work of Francis Bacon and Ben Nicholson.

This was the last portrait painted Freud sitting, From here realize his works standing.

"Habitación de hotel"(1954) 91,1 x 61 cm  Fundación Beaverbrook

“Hotel room”(1954) 91,1 x 61 cm Fundación Beaverbrook

"Chica junto al mar" (1956) Colección privada

“Girl by the sea” (1956) Private collection

“Girl by the sea” painted in 1956 It was the last portrait before the break. Today we know that was painted during a vacation of two in Pedralejo (Malaga), crestfallen and profile this portrait represents the breakdown of the marriage.

Those who knew the painter agree that when Caroline Freud left this remained devastated, to the extent that they feared he was going to do something crazy.

Caroline Blackwood por Walker Evans, 1958.

Caroline Blackwood por Walker Evans, 1958.

Caroline finally moved to New York and eventually becomes a successful writer. Personally your life will be marked by problems with drinking and getting married twice more, the first with composer Israel Citkowitz, and the second with the poet Robert Lowell.

"Hermanas" (1950) Colección privada

“Sisters” (1950) Private collection

Four of these six portraits are set out as 4 June to 1 in August Gallery Ordovás in London, Lucian Freud at the exhibition: Girl.

For the first time after 20 years can enjoy the work “Sisters” (1950), Painted shortly know. Freud wanted to portray the eyes of two sisters, but finally only he painted in detail and extreme close-up Caroline's right eye.

Ojo Caroline

Finally I leave a recommendation documentary Lucian Freud: painted life, where his creative process shown, as he rejected artistic trends of his time and the relationship he had with that part of his life through interviews with art critics, dealers, family and friends.




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