My Marpel ∞ (Media Art)

The set of fixed beliefs that a group has over another are called stereotype. Often we run the risk of creating false stereotypes when we distort the characteristics of a group, and when this happens we made a form of discrimination and perhaps also of aggression. If we become victims of stereotypes miss the opportunity to experience other cultures, and ultimately artistic expressions, people.

The famous saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed only with an image that disturbs and that remains etched in our minds. It is probably one of the most spoken and written phrases, especially at this time when audiovisual communication around us. The images and photographs used to capture a moment that can perfectly be disconnected from the context and history. They can destroy a stereotype and generally make us think. Everything depends of course, than fair, deep, or provoking it image.

Flamenco in Spain is such an experience of tradition, passion and freedom. So I bring to this post, INVISIBLE, de Manu Marpel. A video art with which the author wants us to reflect on the rigidity of stereotypes and the need to free our minds to accept differences.

Manu is obliged to unlearn attitudes, reactions and convictions, perhaps inherited, maybe minted in our childhood and subsequently developed in our maturity. That force is to its author leitmotif when create because creation through artistic practice is probably the only area in which everything is permissible. Any views, any relationship and any actions are possible. There are no rules or limits, no expectations or fears that control.

Self-taught artist and multidisciplinary, lives and develops his work currently in Valencia.

Furthered his studies in areas such as audiovisual production, Photo, management and independent filmmaking, initially focusing his artistic production in video art. He was selected in 2013 to represent Spain in the III Bienal de Flamenco de Maracaibo and the II International Speedway Brazil.






COVER IMAGE: Fabian Perez