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RAUL Álvarez, Madrid is a young painter who lives and works in A Coruña since 6 years. Perhaps the longest promenade in Europe, or light from the Tower of Hercules, the only Roman lighthouse in the world that is still in operation and that inspired the early painting of Pablo Picasso with a suggestive "Tower of Candy", perhaps love, or a combination of all these things, Raul left Madrid and set up his studio near the sea.

You enjoy weightlessness of floating bodies and masterfully captures two planes on a single canvas. The Realist submerged bodies, and other reflections that those same bodies projecting to the surface abstract. “The painting is light, and light is paint”, me dice.

Reflejos I 92X65

From a young age he spent hours and hours with a pencil and paper drawing. Autodidact, primarily in watercolor and acrylics, considers painting as something innate. Later he studied Bachelor of Arts and a Higher Cycle model making, Modelling and Art.

Figuration, and more particularly the human body strongly attracted him "by their ability to transmit”.

Torso Acuático 60x60

Autorretratos acuaticos 100x80

He is currently preparing a series of paintings under the title “Be water my friend” will be presented in Madrid on July. “Al Initially started as one more way to continue working on water and I thought the idea of ​​capturing it crashing into something, but in a static state, as "frozen”, study that explosion and capture on canvas as acting naturally ".

Be water my friend XV 90X90

Be water my friend 80X80

The title of the series and will have already deduced originated in the famous phrase of Bruce Lee suggests to us that we have the ability to adapt to our environment. If the water is in a bottle, bottle-shaped. The important thing is to never lose its properties, its essence and strength. Raúl is synonymous with doing the right thing at all times and poise in any situation, without depending on the circumstances whether good or bad.

El agua en mi cabeza 130x100 Mixta sobre lienzo 2013

The combination of water with the human figure gives this new series of his paintings a deeper dimension. Try to translate that adaptation to the environment that we all put into practice every day, especially in times as complicated as we have to live.

But regardless of what Raúl represents, art in his words can be interpreted in multiple ways, perhaps as many people contemplate. Herein lies one of the beauties, argues.

Be water my friend IV 100X80

His painting has earned among other, Atlantic First Prize at the X Biennial of Painting Success 2013, and his work is divided between public and private institutions. Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, (Italy), England, Portugal, New Zealand or Brussels, are some of the places where we find paintings of this painter from Madrid.

And as the weather, we close with a surfboard decorated by Raul. See you on the water!

Surfer legs 170X45


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