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– Sehnsucht –

There are emotions that we don´t have words for in our language, they are often too confusing to explain. In fact, those emotions live in a crack of language, an absence or incompletness, and although they live intensely in us, we are unable to verbalize and therefore, understand them.

On March 16th, 2014, I had occasion to publish an article by Susan Outlaw (see here), in which the Canadian painter born in 1973, exhibited some of her works with nature as a backdrop. In that article Susan said she was working on a large seascape first inspired by Peggy’s Cove, in Halifax. This painting included ocean waves breaking on menacing rock. Susan appreciates the powers of nature and her desire to capture this force was the beginning of a series of her paintings.

Two years later, Susan will present on 5th May, 2016, at Earls Court Gallery, 215 N. Hamilton St. Ottawa, ON Canada, an individual exhibition dedicated to the sea under the title ‘Sehnsucht’ that will run until June 9th.

Black Rock, Peggy's Cove - Susan Outlaw

Black Rock, Peggy’s Cove – Susan Outlaw

Earls Court Gallery believes that art is not just a luxury and must be accessible and affordable, that education is the key. In my opinion, without antagonizing the above, the emotions are another key aspect, because they shape our physical, mental, intellectual, and social landscape and therefore remind us to maintain a close relationship with art.

The Beginning - Susan Outlaw

The Beginning – Susan Outlaw

Sehnsucht is the title of Outlaw’s solo exhibition. A German word of the romantic culture without an exact translation in the spanish language.

For Susan, this word encapsulates a deep emotional state. The term presents the notion of longing or yearning, an emotion that desires, it can be both beautiful and terrible or ambivalent. We are confronted with these feelings on a regular basis, the highs the lows, the searching for a better place – a utopia or heaven on earth. The sense of longing is a condition most of us face and Sehnsucht is the word which helps define this state, whether it being a sense of incompleteness, or referring to the unattainable, or simply the emotion one beholds standing at the waters edge, looking out to sea.

Olivia at Sea - Susan Outlaw

Olivia at Sea – Susan Outlaw

The ocean holds a mood that is profoundly reflective of this word ‘Sehnsucht’, the mood may alter by day or in very the moment. It can be clear and calm or stormy and frightening, perhaps even melancholy. The ocean may imbued great joy as one would find on holiday, or incredible suffering for those who have fallen beneath it. Our very own human struggle and desire is reflected by the oceans moods; yearning, hope, happiness and sometimes escape. A place that connects distant lands and can be symbolic of that heaven on earth, or where one comes to ponder the thoughts of a better place.

Within this series of paintings I endure to draw out the emotions that ‘Sehnsucht’ represents. Often we push through life, day by day, without stopping to acknowledge these emotions. We neglect the calling of our very own souls, the profound sense that there is something better despite the difficulties life throws our way. To demonstrate, the ebb and flow of life will be reflected in this solo show exhibiting my paintings of the sea.

Promise - Susan Outlaw

Promise – Susan Outlaw

Aquamarine - Susan Outlaw

Aquamarine – Susan Outlaw

Back to the Ocean - Susan Outlaw

Back to the Ocean – Susan Outlaw

Lucid Waters - Susan Outlaw

Lucid Waters – Susan Outlaw

Born is Mainz, Germany, Susan Outlaw is a Canadian realist painter with a background in commercial design. Outlaw worked for years as the art director for a noted Burlington design firm but changed direction to devote more time to her family and returning to her original passion, painting. Outlaw’s work can be found in various private and corporate collections throughout southern Ontario. She has recently sold her paintings internationally including the prestigious 47 Park Place Hotel in London, England. Susan is a multiple award winning member of the Women’s Art Association of Hamilton. In addition, she is a member of the International Guild of Realism and is represented by Earls Court Gallery in Hamilton. Further awards have been granted to Susan including the Ontario Arts Council. Susan donates her paintings to several charities yearly, supporting such causes as mental illness, local children’s programs and the support of refugees, to name a few.

Susan Painting - Photo by her daughter Olivia.

Susan Painting – Photo by her daughter Olivia.




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